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Cold cast metals and other materials

The sculptures in this section were modelled in clay by Seamus then moulds were made of each one.  A limited number of casts (i.e. Limited Edition) is then determined and each piece is carefully cast using actual metals such as bronze, aluminium, iron or other dry materials such as ground marble and slate.  

NOTE: Life casts are not modelled first but instead casts are taken directly from the body using a special casting material that is safe to use on skin.

Please click the thumbnails to view the pieces in more detail.

Commemorative plaque

Commemorative Plaque

Torso cold cast Bronze

Torso bronze resin


Unison in aluminium resin


Breath-Taking -  life size portrait head Self-assured



Dancer - a stylised figurative sculpture

Mother & Child

Mother and Child - stylised sculpture


Ballerina - head and upper body

Torso small

Torso Small

Breaking Free

Breaking Free - narrative sculpture

Life Casting

Life cast of a family group holding each others' wrists in a circle. Life cast of a fist showing examples in Aluminium, Bronze, Iron Marble resin Hand-in-Hand Facing the Future

Facing the Future