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All for One

A life-size sculpture of a family group clasping hands - dad and mum plus their four children showing the strength of unity in their close family bond. This is a 3-dimensional snapshot at a single point in time - a unique record.

The sculpture is produced using the life casting process and is a faithful representation of each person’s hand (including fingerprints).

Size in cm: 10 h x 24 w  x 11 d. This is a unique sculpture as a result of a commission.  Please contact Seamus if you would like to discuss commissioning your own unique life cast sculpture.

The picture shows “All for One” cast in Cold cast Bronze.  It can be cast in a choice of materials including Cold cast Iron, Cold cast Bronze, Cold cast Aluminium, marble resin or foundry bronze.

For more information about the process please click Life Casting.

All for One.