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I have become captivated by the resistive qualities of metal in its various guises and enjoy the challenge of manipulating it to interpret my ideas. I love the fact that stainless steel can tolerate the British weather which means my sculptures can be situated outdoors for years without the risk of deterioration. I work with mild steel, stainless steel and copper all of which are cut, bent, twisted and welded to produce the sculptures seen below..

Many of my pieces are inspired by nature and life subjects like the interaction between a parent and young child.  I am also keen to develop the use of movement in my sculpture particularly that generated by natural forces such as wind.

Please click the thumbnails to view the pieces in more detail.

Picture of Water Iris sculpture in stainless steel

Water Iris (stainless steel)

Head Space

Head Space

(Stainless Steel)

Water Iris

Water Iris (mild steel)

Shellakabookee Large Stainless Steel Shellakabookee Small Stainless Steel

Shellakabookee Sml S/S

Shellakabookee Lrg S/S

Monumental Commission

Seamus installing  “Celebration” stainless steel sculpture TOGETHER - Bronze resin

Higher, Daddy! Higher!


Faster, Daddy! Faster!

Faster, Daddy! Faster!

(Stainless Steel)